About me

My Story...

Having grown up in a creative house it was no surprise I loved photography and writing. My mum was a top magazine editor and my dad was an amazing designer. From an early age I spent time with my mum in London as well as attending shoots and sitting at some amazing front row fashion shows.

London calling...

I too went on to work in media – I started off in PR for a top UK spa, went to work in Cape Town for an amazing photography production company and settled back in London as a Beauty Director and Online Editor for two of the UK's biggest weekly magazines. I was doing everything from celebrity interviews to seasonal trend features and directing glossy shoots. I was also lucky that my work continued to capture an audience and had been selected for events with top companies such as Olympus and various magazines.

Launching My Art

It was a huge decision for me to stay at home in 2017 and look after my two young boys. At times I felt part of me, and my identity, had slipped away. I loved being a mother but before I had children my work was my passion day in day out. The buzz of London, deadlines, events, interviews and so much more filled my days and I loved it! Leaving work also meant I left behind so many good friends. Our worlds seemed so far apart now and at times it was really hard and lonely.

While going out and about and discovering Surrey and London all over again I fell back in love with photography. Any local area we visited I snapped away for inspiration and with my digital background I was able to create something eye catching and modern for our own home. I’ve renovated two properties in the area and love interiors so I’ve enjoyed filling the walls with artwork but non-more so than when my new style of bold, colourful digital art developed. And so in 2018 I decided to share them with everyone through Katie Corcoran London – colourful works of art that capture the places I love most.

During lockdown in 2020 I also started working with other small businesses helping to grow their company digitally as so much of the high street had closed.


This year I worked for a popular homes magazine as Digital Editor before returning to the beauty industry.

Today I currently work for a top UK spa brand developing and managing their social media strategy, e-commerce and websites across two huge brands. I also assist with product photography, shoots and design work. 

My photography work can be seen below.

And of course I continue with my artwork in my spare time, delivering and sending my work all over the country (and often the world!)