About Me

I started my career as a digital journalist 17 years ago during the days of emerging web platforms and HTML coding. Not many people wanted to work on a ‘digital’ magazine when they could work in the glamorous world of print. But I loved it. The design, the layouts, the immediate way you could add articles and adapt to trends.


I had a passion for editing, design and photography. In fact I’d been designing my own magazines since I was a young girl.


After a few years in digital journalism I moved into print directing glossy beauty shoots and launching magazine websites, merging together two skills.


Moving On

When renovating my second home I decided to take my shoot experience, love of photography and digital editing skills and create pop-art pieces of local art to fill my house with colour!

Katie Corcoran London was created in 2019 after some orders from local friends, and has gone from strength to strength with over 20 fine art prints, luxury greeting cards and events.

My artwork has featured in several exhibitions and is sold on the high street.

Hybrid Art

Each of my prints starts as a photograph that is then repainted and edited on my computer and iPad mainly using Adobe Illustrator and my iPencil. Colours are made vibrant and unreal, skies are given a magic twist and rainbows are added. Local landmarks as never seen before.

Each print is made to order on fine art paper using a wide format Canon printer.

Today I continue to work on Katie Corcoran London in my spare time while working as a Website Designer and Digital Editor.